Ottawa Buddhist Vihara is opened to anyone who is interested in learning Buddhism and practicing Buddhist way of life.

Ottawa Buddhist Vihara provides the following services to the community.

 Monthly Sil programs and regular Meditation Programs
 Daily religious activities – Buddha Pooja, Bodhi Pooja, Pirith Chanting, Blessings
 Dhamma sermons & Dhamma discussions
 Religious programs for youth
 Dhamma School for children
 Vesak, Katina celebration
 Hospital visit for blessings
 Blessings for HSC students
 Buddhist Library
 Counseling
 Traditional Buddhist Funeral Services
 Compassionate programs in Sri Lanka and Australia

How you can involve yourself with Ottawa Buddhist Vihara

 Participate in the daily religious activities , Buddha pooja, Blessing and Pirith
 Observe Sil every month
 Participate in meditation programs
 Participate in dana
 Participate in Vesak, celebrations, observe sil, Vesak Lanterns, Devotional singing
 Utilise traditional Buddhist funeral services
 Bless your sick ones in hospital visits by Bhanthes for blessing
 Send your child to a Dhamma Schools.
 Encourage your teenage children to become a youth member
 Join Ottawa Buddhist Vihara as a Member
 Come to a Food Fair organized by Ottawa Buddhist Vihara
 Run a stall to help raise funds to run and develop Ottawa Buddhist Vihara
 Volunteer as an individual or as a group for the up keep and maintenance of Ottawa Buddhist Vihara